Questionnaire on Web accessibility

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am a university student studying for a BSc (Hons) Mathematics and Informatics at the University of Malta.  I am currently involved in a study, as part of my dissertation, to explore the challenges that exist in Web accessibility for people with dissabilities and to investigate the best system that would suit their needs.  This has made it necessary to conduct a survey.

I am aware that you are an active person, but you will find that it will only take a short time to answer the questions.  Your response will be treated in the strictest confidence and your anonymity is guaranteed.  The results of this survey will be used solely in connection to my study.

Your answers are very important to the accuracy of my study.  The information will be used to help me assess your needs and preferences for accessing the Web and for me to develop better, more useful solutions to address those needs.  I would, therefore, be very grateful if you would fill in the questionnaire as soon as possible. 

Thank you for your time and assistance.

Yours faithfully,

Marie-Jose Zammit

In each question, please mark the appropriate circle.
For any open-ended questions, please provide as much detail as possible

Assistive technology - A device that assists you in performing tasks, with greater ease, on the computer.

Section A - You and the Web

1. Approximately, how often do you use the Web?
(Tick one of the items)

If you ticked 'None of these' go to question 2.
Otherwise go to question 3.

2. What are your reasons for not using the Web?
(Tick all that apply to you)

Go to question 15.

3. How did you learn to use the Web?
(Tick all that apply to you)

4. What do you use the Web for?
(Tick all that apply to you)

5. Name any Web sites you have found easy to use?

6. Can you name any Web sites you have found difficult to use?

7. What do you wish to use the Web for?

8. Is there an area on the Web you feel requires improving?
(Tick all that apply to you)

9. What type of assistive technologies do you use?
(Tick all that apply to you)

10. If you do not use an assistive technology to access the Web, what do you use?
(Tick all that apply to you)

11. What made you choose the assistive technology?
(Tick all that apply to you)

12. Please tick your knowledge of the assistive technology which you use:
(Tick one of the items)

13. Did you have, or still have, any difficulties in using the assistive technology?
(Tick all that apply to you)

14. Does the assitive technology solve all your problems?

15. Do you think that enough is being done to find a solution that enables you to access the Web independently?
(Tick one of the items)

16. Have you ever reported to anyone about your difficulties in accessing the Web?

17. What do you think must be done in order for you to access the Web accessibly?
(Tick all that apply to you)

18. Do you have any suggestions for changes that may be of benefit to you?

19. Please feel free to make any futher comments that may not have been covered by the previous questions

Section B - You and the tool

I have designed an architecture for a system that has the potential to be both usable and accessible to you.  I have also built a prototype of this system.

This prototype has the capability of increasing text size of a Web page and it can also be extended to target other problems people encounter on the Web.

If you wish to view this system add the link, xxx, in the address bar of your browser and answer the questions below.

1. Are you satisfied with how this tool functions with the Web?
(Tick one of the items)

2. Did you encounter any problems whilst utilizing the tool?
(Tick one of the items)

If 'No' go to question 4.
If 'Yes' go to question 3.

3. What problems did you encounter?
(Tick all that apply to you)

4. Do you have any suggestions as to how this tool can be improved?

5. Would you recommend this tool to your colleague?
(Tick one of the items)

Section C - About You

1. Gender:

2. Please tick the age relevant to you:

3. Education

Thank you for your valuable time and effort.

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